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Company Description

Qinghai Qingzhong Machine Tool Manufacturing Company Limited (the original name is Qirighai Huading Heavy-duty Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.) is one of the key and major enterprises in the natibpal machinery industry and one of the main manufacturing enterprises of the heavy-duty machin^., tbols, as well as one of the high-new technology enterprises in Qinghai province. The company has been ranked in 500 strongest enterprises of China Machinery Industry for continuous nine years.

The company has stronger designing and manufacturing ability, perfect management systerti, as well as completes new product test base and high-precision modern testing center. The machining equipment and testing procedure of the company have reached leading level in Chinese machine tool manufacturing industry. The company has passed the integrated three-standard rt^^gement system of GB/T19001-2016 Quality Management System, GB/T24001-2016 Environmental Management System and GB/T45001-2020 Occupation Health Safety Management ^/System.

The products in the company include the following series: railway special-purpose machine tools, heavy-duty horizontal turning lathes, roller turning lathes as well as other special machinery products, etc. At present, the domestic market average share has occupied above 80%, the output CNC rate has reached 90%. Some of the products find a good sale in more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia etc. The company has developed for more than 230 machine products with multi-specifications, there are 14 CNC machine products has awarded the honorary titles such as the National High-new Technology Products and State Key New Products. There are also 18 CNC machine products has awarded the Prize for Provincial Scientific-Technical Progress, as well as obtained 45 patents and scientific and technological achievements. The series products of wheel turning lathes, axle turning lathes, heavy-duty horizontal turning lathes have been affirmed as famous-brand products in Qinghai province. The "QINGZHONG" descriptive trademark has been identified as famous trademark in Qinghai province, as well as awarded as the China Famous Brand by State Administration of Industry and Commerce in 2012. The company has won the second Qinghai provincial quality award in 2016 and the national advanced collective in machinery industry in 2019.